Episode 23: When Should You Kill Your Idea?


Episode 23 CardAs an entrepreneur, the single most important thing you can do in business is continuous experimentation.

You no longer need to guess how your customers will respond — thanks to the technology we have today, it’s never been easier to make data-driven decisions.

In This Episode:

  • Peter and Dan continue their conversation on experimentation, discussing how some of the best companies in the world are measuring experiments and why it’s okay to kill your idea.
  • Dan stresses the importance of testing ideas on “check-writers.”
  • Peter and Dan discuss lessons learned and give real examples of times they fell in love with ideas and ultimately wasted time, money and resources.

Episode 17: The Power of Experimentation


Episode 17In this episode, Dan and Peter discuss starting a new product in the year 2016 and the idea of continuous testing.

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In This Episode:

  • Dan and Peter discuss starting a new product in 2016 and the idea of continuous testing.
  • Dan explains why honesty and courage are two of the most important traits an entrepreneur should have when testing an idea on a check-writer.
  • Peter talks about his own company experiments and why you must embrace, celebrate and learn from failure.