Episode 33: Evolution of Humanity with AI


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Dan and Peter discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity and the conversations happening around the world on this disruptive, exponentially growing technology.



In this episode:

  • Peter explains his belief that AI will be one of the most important inventions the human race will ever create, in its ability to serve us.
  • Dan discusses his belief that the greatest breakthroughs in any technological developments happen because of three things: toys, warfare and pornography.
  • Peter mentions companies working on connecting the human brain to the cloud and how this evolution of a new species of humans will change our society.

Episode 19: AI: A Tool, Not a Threat


Episode 19Dan and Peter discuss the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence (cognitive computing) and their belief that this technology will soon tackle society’s most daunting challenges bringing exabytes of data into perspective. 

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In This Episode:

  • Dan and Peter chat about their conversation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing expert Stephen Gold, the CMO and VP of Business Development and Partner Programs at IBM Watson
  • Dan talks about his confidence in AI pushing forward the ideas of transparency, seamless interactions, and making everything personalized and easy to use.
  • Peter discusses his belief that AI will become the most important human collaboration tool ever created, amplifying our abilities and providing a simple user interface to all exponential technologies.