Episode 28: Hiring “A” Players

episode-28-cardIf you want to create a successful, hyper-growth company, you’ve got to get one thing right: hiring.

Peter and Dan discuss one of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur — attracting great people and recruiting them into the organization.

In this episode:

    • Peter discusses his takeaways from conversations with Jeff Holden (of Uber and Amazon Prime), including insights on the interview process and when to fire someone.
    • Dan shares advice and lessons learned building Strategic Coach into an organization of over 120 people in three countries.
    • Peter and Dan mention the Kolbe Corporation and why they give this assessment to all new hires. Read more about the test at kolbe.com.

Episode 27: Evidence of Abundance

27 Episode 27 CardPeter took the stage at TED in 2012, when he delivered his talk about Abundance. In this episode, Peter and Dan take a look at ten charts with updated stats and data proving that the world is truly getting better.


In this episode:

  • Peter gives updated Evidence of Abundance charts, see visuals at Diamandis.com/data and in this blog.
  • Dan explains why the 6D’s have helped him see the world through an Abundance lens.
  • Peter and Dan discuss why the news media delivers 10x more negative news than positive.

Episode 26: Living Long Enough to Live Forever


Episode 26 CardIn Episode 6, Peter and Dan described how mindset plays a key role in living a long, healthy life, this time they share stories about how they each arrived at their ambitious longevity goals.


In this episode:

  • Peter talks about Ray Kurzweil’s belief that children born today will have the ability to have an indefinite lifespan.
  • Dan describes his thoughts on attitude and why the future is something you must work toward.
  • Peter puts into perspective the amazing times we are living in, citing how the human lifespan has doubled over the last century.

Episode 25: Changing The Way We Govern


Episode 25 CardHistorically, your citizenship is defined by the language you speak, the currency you use, or where you live.

In a world of massive globalization, however, these factors are becoming less important, and in this episode, Peter and Dan discuss the idea of virtual countries of the future.

In this episode:

  • Peter and Dan discuss “Brexit,” Britain’s exit from the European Union, and what this means for the future of trade.
  • Peter talks about the idea of virtual countries and living in a world with like-minded individuals instead of those who share your language or religion.
  • Dan and Peter discuss the state of exploration on Earth and what this means for current government systems.

Episode 24: Scorecards (Without A Target, You’ll Miss It Every Time)


Episode 24 CardWe’re constantly in a state of information overload, and trying to focus on everything at once is overwhelming.

Dan and Peter discuss a simple yet powerful tool they use to evaluate and objectively track progress, step by step.

In this episode:

  • Dan explains why scorecards have become his favorite tool to enable exponential growth in his business.
  • You can’t track your progress unless you know where you’ve been and where you want to go. Peter discusses how he uses scorecards in each one of his businesses and even in his personal life.
  • Dan explains how to deal with honesty in reporting and the effectiveness of digital diagnostic programs to ensure accuracy.

Episode 23: When Should You Kill Your Idea?


Episode 23 CardAs an entrepreneur, the single most important thing you can do in business is continuous experimentation.

You no longer need to guess how your customers will respond — thanks to the technology we have today, it’s never been easier to make data-driven decisions.

In This Episode:

  • Peter and Dan continue their conversation on experimentation, discussing how some of the best companies in the world are measuring experiments and why it’s okay to kill your idea.
  • Dan stresses the importance of testing ideas on “check-writers.”
  • Peter and Dan discuss lessons learned and give real examples of times they fell in love with ideas and ultimately wasted time, money and resources.

Episode 22: What WON’T Change in 10 Years?


With exponential technologies exploding into the market place changing industries and the way we live, Peter and Dan discuss what won’t change in the next ten years.

Regardless of technological change, it’s always courageous entrepreneurs bringing practical ideas into the marketplace.

In This Episode:

  • Peter and Dan look to the future and discuss what is NOT going to change in the next decade.
  • Dan explains his model of stabilizers and accelerators and his belief that you can predict the major events in the news.
  • Peter talks about the human need for connection and how interaction in society is changing from the local hangout in your town to digital connections with Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

Episode 21: Inside the Future of Healthcare

In this episode, Dan discusses his recent trip to the Human Longevity Inc. Health Nucleus and why he believes it is the best clinical experience in the world.

Many species on this planet live for hundreds of years, why should we accept a typical life expectancy of 70 or 80 years.

In This Episode:

  • Dan recaps his recent experience going through a full eight-hour day at the Human Longevity Inc. Health Nucleus.
  • Peter and Dan explain their personal longevity goals and why they believe living more than 100 healthy years is doable.
  • Peter gives examples of how algorithms with enough data are beginning to save clients by identifying early threats.

Episode 20: VR & Technology Convergence

20Episode 20Unexpected convergent consequences… this is what happens when eight different exponential technologies all explode onto the scene at once.

An expert might be reasonably good at predicting the growth of a single exponential technology (e.g. the Internet of Things), but try to predict the future when A.I., Robotics, VR, Synthetic Biology, and Computation are all doubling, morphing and recombining… You have a very exciting future.

In This Episode:

  • Dan and Peter discuss their conversation with one of the world’s leading experts in Virtual Reality (VR), Philip Rosedale, creator/founder of Second Life, and more recently the CEO of High Fidelity.
  • As entrepreneurs and investors, Peter outlines the areas in AR/VR you should be focusing on, as the business opportunities are tremendous.
  • Dan recaps his experience at one of the latest Augmented Reality demos and his thoughts on how this technology will transform travel and conferences.

Episode 19: AI: A Tool, Not a Threat


Episode 19Dan and Peter discuss the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence (cognitive computing) and their belief that this technology will soon tackle society’s most daunting challenges bringing exabytes of data into perspective. 

Read on for highlights from this episode, and be sure to subscribe on iTunes so you never miss an episode.

In This Episode:

  • Dan and Peter chat about their conversation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing expert Stephen Gold, the CMO and VP of Business Development and Partner Programs at IBM Watson
  • Dan talks about his confidence in AI pushing forward the ideas of transparency, seamless interactions, and making everything personalized and easy to use.
  • Peter discusses his belief that AI will become the most important human collaboration tool ever created, amplifying our abilities and providing a simple user interface to all exponential technologies.